Project Publications and Presentations

Cherry, J., Freund, L. & Duff, W. Student Perceptions of Information Programs in Canada (2012), under review.

Freund, L., Cherry, J. & Duff, W. (2012) Future directions for information programs: Data from students at six Canadian schools. (poster paper) iConference, Toronto, Canada, February 2012.

Cherry, J., Duff, W. & Freund (2009) Learning from our students: assessing student perceptions of information studies programs and the information professions. Presented at the Association for Library and Information Science Education Meeting, Denver, CO, January 2009.

Publications from an earlier phase of the Project

Cherry, J.M., Duff, W.M., Singh, N., & Freund, L. (2011) Student perceptions of their master's program in information studies and the information professions: A longitudinal study. Library & Information Science Research, 33(2), 120-131. Chosen as one of the top 20 articles of 2011 by the Library Instruction Round Table of the American Library Association.

Cherry, J., Duff, W., & Singh, N. (2007). MISt students evaluate their programs: findings from surveys conducted in 2004, 2005 and 2006. Poster presented at Faculty of Information Studies, University of Toronto, Research Day

Duff, W., Cherry, J., & Singh, N. (2006). Perceptions of the information professions: a study of students in the Master of Information Studies program at a Canadian university. Archival Science, 6(2), 171-192

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