Survey Instruments

The study uses three questionnaires to elicit student perceptions at the beginning, middle and end stages of their studies. All students are asked questions relating to their perceptions of the information professions and core competencies. Incoming students are asked about their motivations for undertaking information studies; midstream and graduating students are asked to assess a wide range of features and characteristics of their programs and their level of support for future directions in information education; and graduating students are asked about their career plans and expectations.

The diagram below shows how the survey instruments overlap and differ:

Copies of the survey instruments are available by clicking on the links below.

Incoming student questionnaire

Midstream student questionnaire

Soon-to-be-Graduating student questionnaire

Please contact Joan Cherry at the University of Toronto [joan dot cherry at utoronto dot ca] to request permission if you would like make use of these questionnaires for purposes of program evaluation or research.



last updated August 2012